BRUH!: This Old Man’s Weird Method of Getting Gains is Absolutely HILARIOUS!

A lot of people take their gains seriously. But from the looks of things, no one takes their workout as seriously as this old fella. So much so that Pops showed up to the gym dressed like he came straight from Sunday service with his church loafers on just to erroneously lift a few hunnind pounds. (Taking a risk scuffing up those bright, tight “Give Me Jesus” slippers is pure dedication. You know how hard it is to get a scratch off some church shoes?)

From his body language and facial expressions, it’s clear that this imaginary gym buff thinks he’s killing ish. (Poor fella.) Welp, at least he’s trying, right? Let’s just hope he let’s someone teach him to work on his form, or else Mr. Aintliftingright might end up in need of a chiropractor real soon.

I wonder if those abs ever came in?

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