Bet You Didn’t Know: Troop Was NOT the First Group to Sing “All I Do Is Think of You”

all i do is think of you

I remember when Diddy’s long-lost group B5 came out with their summer rendition of “All I Do Is Think of You” in the early 2000s and ALL the young girls went wild! But not without ALL the old heads reminding us that “Troop sang it first.”

waka flocka ok

To this very day, if you read the comments section under the pretty boy band’s hit debut, you’ll see a slew of remarks about the “original” version taking the cake, giving ALLLLLLLL the cred to Troop and their hammer pants, rat tails, high top fades and awful, awful¬†curly side bangs.



In actuality, all the glory goes to the bell-bottoms and uneven afros of the almighty Jackson 5.

the jackson 5 2.jpg

I had been so brainwashed by these fake “I-was-there-for-it-all” music history buffs of the ’80s that I never knew the truth about this R&B classic until I was listening to R&B Classics on Music Choice with my sis the other day. And whaddaya know?


I hear the song’s intro and think “Oh shit, they playin’ Troop on a R&B station that focuses on the the 60’s and 70’s? I ran to the TV confused, but still prepared with a fork in hand, ready to fuck shit up with my solo. It wasn’t long before my bubble was bursted as I stared at the screen plastered with The Jackson 5’s name, alongside a flick of the famous group looking like they came straight from the set of a Blaxploitation.

the jackson 5 blaxploitation

So just like you right now, I had to pick my face up off the ground and just give the Jackson brothers their credit due. (They some bad boys!) But it’s still gonna take me a while to get over how badly I’ve been bamboozled. And for so long! (Oh, the agony!)

Check out the REAL original below:

Troop’s Version (This Really Breaks My Heart Now)

B5’s Version (Hey, Why Not?)

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