Celebrity Women Who Wore Colorful Hair Before It Became a Trend

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These days, it’s not hard to find a singer, actress (or an Instagram “model”) rocking a rainbow weave. Hell, walk down the street of your local hood and you’ll see blue, pink, green—the whole damn rainbow—flooding the boulevard.

But before this recent wave of cotton candy wig obsession, there was a time that the only way you’d ever see a misses sporting an unorthodox-colored ‘do was if you traveled far and deep into the trenches of the South. (‘Cause we all know this Skittled-colored hair craze ain’t nothing new to them country girls.)

However, decades before this “new” outbreak of Starburst weaves, there were a handful of queens in the limelight who were rocking the bold hues long before it became the “it” thing to do. And honey, they rocked it well!

Check out these trend-setting color connoisseurs below.


kelis colorful afro

Kelis solidified her spot as a true rockstar when she first stepped on the scene donning a multi-hued pink and blonde fro in her 1999 debut video “Caught Out There.” (She’s so fearless, she even hit us with the hot pink eyebrows.)

kelis pink eyebrows

werk gif.gif

Green, blue, turquoise, gray—when it comes to hair colors, Kelis has done it all. Even to this day, you can catch her slaying a bold hued-do. #Fierce honey.

Left Eye

left eye green hair

TLC’s brazen, raw, eccentric member of the group, who’d be surprised that Left Eye is on this list? She was known for her edgy style and galaxy-inspired tresses, but depending on the day, she’d switched it up with a purple or green wig to really drip some sauce. (Swag.) #ContinueToRIPQueen #TrueTrendsetter

Lil Mo

lil mo blue hair

During her reign in the early 2000s, blue hair was a huge part of Lil Mo’s M.O. I mean, who could forget those brilliant blue braids in “Superwoman.”

lil mo blue braids



Well, her name kinda says it all.

Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera colorful hair

A little on the erratic side, Christina Aguilera has always been known to spice up her blonde locs with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Since her debut album hit the mainstream in ’99, this pop queen has been no stranger to strange hair. #ItMadeHerStandOut #LovedIt

Lil Kim

lil kim purple hair

Now, on to the QUEEN!

Whether it was red carpets, or music videos, Lil Kim always wowed crowds with her funky, fly, wild style. She turned heads and dropped jaws, serving fierce from her head down to her toes. But when she pranced her little tiny, cute ass center stage in “Crush on You” killing those multi-colored wigs to match every color scheme and outfit…

lil kim colorful hair



bruh falling out.gif

That shit was so fly, we gotta re-watch the whole damn video. Yeah, we need to see that again.

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