Is It Gay If My Man Wants To Use Dildos During Sex? On HIM?

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This is a topic that I’ve definitely run across a time or two: Straight men using dildos during sex—on themselves. I’ve always totted my nose up at the idea in the past, but check this out:

A few days ago, I was on a sex toy website (mind ya business) and I came across this MASSIVE dildo aptly titled “The Hulk.” Now, from the looks of this thing, I was petrified! The crazy thing about it was that it was sold out! So now, in my head, I’m thinking, “These lil’ loose p*ssy b*tches is really out here takin’ whole ass baby legs up they walls?” (I know the grammar is f*cked up, but this was in my hood voice.)

Anyway, I commence to click on this gigantic cooch-killer just to read the reviews. (‘Cause I really wanted to know who was taking this thing.) And what do I come across? A review by a “‘straight’ married man.” (Pause.) It read like this:

The Hulk arrived today whilst my wife was out shopping. I was soon enjoying its full length and girth in my butt. It’s not the girthiest toy I have but its unusual shape with the rippled effect certainly pleasures the walls of my rectum and again my cock was dripping with precum. [We also know he’s White because no Black man says “whilst.” Or “cock.” But let us continue.]

 Great toy that I can’t wait to use again as soon as the wife is out!

Meanwhile, I’m at home like:

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Now, I’ve heard of straight men liking a little tongue action in that thang every now and again, but a whole ass DILDO up their booty hole? C’mon son! And a hulk-sized one at that? C’mon son! What makes it even worse in this case is that this “straight married man” is sneaking in the anal play while his wife is away! Yeah, I think homeboy might as well go on ‘head and come out the closet.

BUTT! Wait a minute…

Let’s look at this from a different perspective.

What if this guy really is completely straight and is only secretly enjoying sex with a dildo simply because he feels his wife will think he’s gay if he suggests they bring dildos in the bedroom for his sake?

Although anal sex is a cultural taboo for men in America, the rectum can provide pleasurable experiences when penetrated, for both women and men. (As evident with the millions of gay men around the world.) Better yet, anal love may be even more fulfilling (pun intended) for men considering their prostate (aka “the male G-spot) can be stimulated from the back door.

World renowned sex coach Dr. Patti Britton explains the prostate as “a part of the male sexual anatomy that can provide intense pleasure.” When it comes to prostate stimulation, she says: “Prostate play is more common than you think. Most hetero guys have at least once or twice gone the distance to having direct contact with a finger or other probe down (and up) there. Anal sexual exchange can be a very intimate way to show your trust of your partner, along with highly pleasure-giving in the butt department.”

So why is it weird for a man to receive that type of sexual gratification, even when it’s with his woman? Why should a man be deprived of that sexual joy just because society associates anal play with gay guys and freaky women?

Would I be comfortable dating someone who wanted anal performed on him? Probably not. But I’m sure there are plenty of women out there who would be and who are willing. And if that’s what a man wants from his woman, should he be shamed or ashamed? If a man wants his butt boinked (by his woman), shouldn’t he be comfortable asking without us thinking he’s like this:

gay man I like it hot

Society has brainwashed us all (including me) that rectal gratification is a no-no for men, but sometimes we should step back, really analyze our thoughts, and process what’s logical versus views that have been influenced by the false perceptions and negative ideologies of society.

At the end of the day, guys: Do what feels good for you! Be comfortable in your manhood and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about getting your butt tickled from time to time—if that’s what you wanna do!

Just my thoughts… what are yours? Let us know what you think below.

If you’re a guy who wants to learn how to get comfortable exploring prostate pleasures, or a woman who wants help getting a better understanding of what it’s about, I suggest you read Dr. Britton’s full article on the topic here.


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