Hustlers of the Month: Ashley Boston & Porscha McCray, Owners of the Hot New Waxing Company Heating Up the Tri-State, GetSnatched!

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Names: Ashley Boston & Porscha McCray
Ages: 32 (Ashley) & 31 (Porscha)
Ethnic backgrounds: Black American
Hometowns: Rahway (Ashley) & Plainfield (Porscha)
Company name/hustle: GetSnatched; Hair Removal Services
Location: 2219 Park Avenue, South Plainfield, NJ 07080
IG/Facebook: GetSnatched2; GetSnatched

It’s no secret: Black women are out here killing ish! Cosmetic lines, law firms, PhD’s MD’s, and super dope authors writing novels to empower their communities—you name it, we claim it. Now it’s time to get out your pens and papers and add “waxing queens” to the long list of occupations we’re snatching and slaying—just ask Ashley Boston and Porscha McCray.

After years of working at the worlds largest waxing chain, European Wax Center (EWC), the two body beautifiers finally pulled and plucked their way to their own franchise, one satisfied client at a time.

Fresh off the high of their December grand opening, the GetSnatched ladies made some time to share their story of trial and triumph, struggle and success, and how they used their talents to clean up not only unwanted body hair, but a life of instability and strife.

Miss CM: Both of you ladies have years of experience working for other major waxing establishments, what made you both decide to quit your jobs and start your own business together?

Ashley: We both started our waxing careers at European Wax Center. Porscha started GetSnatched in March 2016, after being let go from the company, and I joined July 2017. We decided to join forces due to the passion for what we do and knowing that we will always have a job working for ourselves. No one has the ability to fire you. Also, when working for big chains, you’re not appreciated as much and not paid as much as you should be.

How did you two meet?

Ashley: We met in 2004, 2005 through Porscha’s cousin, Hanae. I would go out there [Plainfield] in the summer and hang out with them, then we reconnected when I started working at European Wax Center.

And then you two got the idea to join forces? 

Porscha: We have always had ideas and said one day we would work together. Unfortunately, I was let go [from EWC] and I just hit the ground running, opening GetSnatched. And then summer of 2017, Ashley was ready to leave her job so we decided to come together and go from there.

I first mentioned the idea of changing the name because GetSnatched was something I built and clients knew me for that, so i didn’t want her to feel like she didn’t have any participation in the business. But we both decided—for business and branding purposes—to stay with GetSnatched because the name and brand were out there already. And now, we are here.

Speaking of the European Wax Center, they kind of have things on lock when it comes to the waxing game. How do you compete with them, and other big names in your industry? 

Porscha: We wouldn’t say we compete with them because we are a small business and we can add services or take them away.

Ashley: The experience is somewhat different.

How so? What makes GetSnatched stand out?

Porscha: The owners, we’re Black-owned, and we’re free to do what we like. And with our new added services, we definitely will stand out. We are personal and not scripted.

About those ‘added services’: Ashley, you do facial treatments at the shop as well. What made you want to get into doing something beyond waxing?

Ashley: I have always liked skin and beauty and live to make people feel good about their skin. Your skin is your largest organ and it’s important to take care of it. When people look good, they feel good.

get snatched facial

A client enjoying one of GetSnatched’s signature facials.

Are there any other special offers or unique services you provide that we should know about?

Porscha: Vajacials—facials for your lady parts. And we vajazzle your vajay for special occasions, or whenever you want a little bling.


Ashley: It’s basically a blinged-out vajay. Any design you want—well, hearts, stars, letters, etcetera.  It’s done with adhesive rhinestones.

Is it the whole vagina, like the lips and everything, or just the top part?

Ashley: The top part.

get snatched vajazzle

A GetSnatched ad promoting their vajazzle services.

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