Ooooh, She Creepin’! Woman Hides Face When Caught on Kiss Cam with Her Side Man

Kiss cam 😍😍😍 #love #wheretheloveat #atlanta #Kisscam

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Okay, okay: I don’t know if this is her side dude for sure, but we all know women loooooooove attention! And even more than that, women for damn sure LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE showing off the fact that they have a man, when they have one! So what other reason would a chick have to hide her face when caught on the Kiss Cam at a professional basketball game?

Either she’s creepin’ or she’s sneaking with the deacon while he should’ve been at church preaching. (Amen.) Nonetheless, let’s just hope her hubby (or his wife) didn’t catch this little snippet somewhere on IG.

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