The Black Rose (Poem)

black rose

She grew alone
Sprouting in tainted soul
Beautiful still
Her roots pure and royal

 Blessed with pretty petals
Polished and black
Yet she saw it as a curse
So she hated the fact

 An assortment of flowers
Bright pinks, yellows, and whites
Stood colorfully across the garden
Oh, what a wonderful sight

 They were bold, they were beautiful
They were noticed, they were seen
She yearned to share their space
Not knowing that their soil was unclean

 She was searching for acceptance
Blindly, she cut her own stem
Not caring that she’d comprised her essence
She just wanted to be with them

 Now she’s slowly dying
Her petals shriveled and plain
Replanted on the fancy side of the garden
Yet it had all been in vain

She’s withering away
So sadly, no one knows
That she once stood tall
As a beautiful rose

Poem from my debut novel Accepted, available for purchase on!

ACCEPTED Front Cover

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