Another Statistic (Poem)

crime outline


He’s the misguided one
Choking the corners and roaming the streets
Praising the money
Catering to zombies
And concealing the heat

 I heard gunshots the other night as I lay down to sleep
I opened my eyes and saw blood swallowing the concrete
Weeks crawled by and the rain washed away the evidence
Now the memory of him has faded and he’s no longer relevant

 Of Black men our communities are becoming devoid
I guess the KKK are the only workers happy to be unemployed
They read the papers and watch the news
All the while singing, ‘There goes another one’
HA! ANOTHER black man shot down by ANOTHER gun

 He has no face
There is no name listed
Just another number
Another statistic

Poem from my debut novel Accepted, available for purchase on!

ACCEPTED Front Cover

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