10 Famously Fierce Afro-Latinas

amara la negra

Ever since she exploded on to the scene as part of the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Amara La Negra has been making big waves through the entertainment industry. With her fist in the air and her fro on fleek, the Dominican bombshell is unapologetically Black and proudly Latina; and has been shedding a much needed light on the issue of colorism in the latin community, as well as the false dichotomy between being African and being latino.

Since Amara has been putting on for all the Black girls with a little swing in their hip and a frescura on their lips, let’s take a look at a few other bomb chicas who represent their flags with pride all while dripping in their beautiful Blackness.

(No specific order. They’re all fierce!)

1. JuJu, Afro-Cuban

juju graduating

Known for her presence on Love & Hip Hop and being the former girlfriend of rapper Cam’Ron, JuJu has been showing the world that she’s much more than arm candy. The Black beauty has been killing the game these days, releasing her first novel Secrets of a Jewel in 2017 and recently obtaining her Master’s Degree from Barry University.

This chocolate Cubana is inspiring brown girls all over to reach their full potential and is nothing short of #BlackGirlMagic! Let’s not forget that she’s tremendo mangon! (Smoking hot!)

2. Kelis, Afro-Puerto Rican


Yes, Kelis.

The boldly eccentric singer is the product of a Black American father and a Chinese-Puerto Rican momma. (Cool mix, right?) This probably explains why the fashion goddess is so versatile when it comes to making off-the-wall art. From her trendsetting hairstyles, to her trippy music and trailblazing wardrobe, there’s no doubt that Kelis is a badass (Black) Boricua.

3. Joseline Hernandez, Afro-Puerto Rican

Joseline Hernandez

Speaking of badass Boricua’s…

Say what you want about “The Puerto Rican Princess,” but her “I-don’t-give-a-f*ck” attitude and boss demeanor (let’s not forget about that bangin’ body of hers) definitely puts her at the top of the fierce list. And if you’ve caught even just a smidgen of her music these days, you’d probably agree that her work is just as boss as her attitude.

4. Cardi B, Afro-Dominican

cardi b

With Dominican and Trinidadian roots, Cardi B is another hot Latina who’s full of sass. Not to mention, she’s been killing the music scene this year, breaking down walls as the most successful mainstream Latina to storm the hip hop scene.

5. Zoe Saldana, Afro-Dominican & Puerto Rican

zoe saldana

When it comes to hardcore actresses, Zoe Saldana takes the cake. The woman has played Nina Simone for God’s sake! And did you see her in Columbiana?

zoe saldana colombiana gif


6. La La Anthony, Afro-Puerto Rican

lala anthony

La La, La La, La La! If this woman ain’t BAD, I don’t know what bad is! The bangin’ Boricua has been making boss moves in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, starting off in radio at the tender age 16. Whether she’s hosting, acting, writing books, crafting cosmetics or being a bomb mom, this one here is definitely a feroz Latina!

7. Christina Milian, Afro-Cuban

christina milian

Actress, singer, songwriter… Christina Milian has shown the world that she is full of spicy Cuban talent since her musical debut nearly 20 years ago. And in 2013, she even got to show off some of her hot latin moves on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Hey, I guess that’s what happens when you have Rumba rhythms in your blood. (Snap, snap!)

8. Tatyana Ali, Afro-Panamanian

tatyana ali

When you’ve been acting since age six, you know you’re destined to be nothing but fierce. Not only is the part Trinidadian, part Afro-Panamanian actress a drop-dead beauty, but she’ll always be a huge part of most of folks’ childhood memories. I mean, who could forget this face:

ashley fresh prince of bel air.jpg

9. Rosie Perez, Afro-Puerto Rican

rosie perez2

Let’s be clear: When it comes to sexy, fierce, badass Latinas, Rosie Perez in the originator, the creator! Soul Train:

rosie perez soul train gif

she had that on lock!

Neck-snapping, hand-clapping and Spanish-sassing in your fav ’90s movies:

rosi perez rolling eyes

she had that on lock!

And let’s not forget that fiery intro to Do the Right Thing:

Yeah, she had that on lock too. That girl bad!

10. Amara La Negra, Afro-Dominican

amara la negra3

I mean, I said it all in the intro, so all there’s left to do is just look. And admire.


Black women are sooooo pawwwwww-pinnnnnnnn’!

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