#BlackQueens (Poem)

dark skinned beauty11

When we unlearn the lies that we’ve been told
We will realize our value is greater than gold
When we accept the kinks in our hair
We will see the beauty that is there
When we turn the pain into gain
And wield the wounds from traumas meant to make us insane
We will reascend to our thrones
Grown from the royal seeds that were long ago sown
Rhythm in your hips, plump like a bumblebee stung your honey lips
The WORLD is guided by your star
Melanin drippin’, ass siitin’, head-pattin’ when your weave is itchin’
ERRRRRRRRRRR-BODY wanna know the recipes in your kitchen
Just tell them watch & pay attention
But we ALLLL know that they BEEN lookin’, they BEEN listenin’
These days, everybody is braided up, twerkin’ with Sarah Baartman butts
And bronze skin glistenin’
But don’t take it from me, just look around and you’ll see exactly what I mean
We are the originators, the creators
Mothers to the Universe #BlackQueens

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  1. Powerful message! Could I use the first photo here as reference for a painting?

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