Hustler of the Month: Dior Lucas, Owner of Body Bar NJ, the Hot New Spa Steaming Up the Wellness Industry

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Name: Dior Lucas
Age: 31
Ethnic background: African American
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
Company name/hustle: Body Bar / Spa Princess and Massage Therapist 
Location: Perth Amboy,Nj
IG/Facebook: @body_bar_nj; Body Bar by Dior


Couples massages, girls night out, teeth whitening, full body contouring — you name it, Body Bar NJ provides! When it comes to the #SpaLife, this new pleasure haven is laying the rub down on the Tri-State and stroking up a warm reputation.

So sit back, relax, and wrap up tight as Miss CM delivers the (pineapple green) tea with Body Bar owner Dior Lucas. (You’ll get the joke in a sec, just keep scrolling).

CM: The “Body Bar.” Tell us exactly what your business is and what you offer.

Dior: Body Bar is a contemporary and fun, holistic massage and beauty studio. We offer therapeutic and couple massages, along with teeth whitening and our newly added service yoni/v-steaming.

Why did you feel it was necessary to start a business that provided these kinds of services?

I felt it was super important that Body Bar shine a light on the importance of self-care and educate the community on alternatives to caring for your body through massage.

Had you been doing massage therapy elsewhere before starting your own business? Or was it a situation where you were at a dead-end job and you just decided to quit and follow your dreams?

It’s funny how I discovered my gift. It started with me giving massages to co-workers. They would go on and on and on about how good their 5 minute session was [with me] and they would tell me I should pick it up as a profession. Fast forward to 2 years ago, I wanted a career and life change. I wanted more purpose in my life.

I prayed for business ideas and etcetera. I was reminded of the comments from my co-workers and I started to research schools. I knew what I wanted to do once schooling was complete. And once I finished 4 months later, Body Bar was in motion.

What’s your most popular service at the moment? 

Couples massages are my most popular services. We are all about creating an experience, and our couples love all the extra perks like champagne and hot towels.

Are there any really unique services that you provide?

Yes, of course. We are currently rolling out our new self-care service called v-steaming, which is vaginal steaming. It’s an ancient health practice that was performed in parts of Africa and in China to help women cleanse, tighten and detox their private area.

I see that you also provide post-op care, as well as massage services to help with weight loss. Firstly, let me just give you the hand clap emoji because those are extremely smart options in today’s day and age. Tell us why it’s important for people who’ve gone through cosmetic procedures to come in and get massage services after surgery?

A lot of people hear about getting lymphatic drainage massages, also known as post-op massages, after cosmetic procedures, but many don’t take it serious. It is one of the most important parts of after surgery [care] that you can include to maximize your recovery time and journey.

Lymphatic drainage massages will reduce swelling; they help rid the body of the fluid build-up that occurs after surgery, and it decreases the chance of hard lumps—called fibrosis—occurring.
And how do your weight loss services actually help with weight loss?
Our weight loss services include new technologies like ultrasound cavitation, which breaks down and liquifies the fat cells under the layers of skin. Once broken down, we manually move the excess fat into the body’s natural waste system. It’s a cool process, but takes multiple sessions to achieve lasting results, along with the clients dedication to healthy eating and working out. There’s not quick fix; this weight loss system is an add on to a healthy lifestyle.

Can you drop some jewels on massage therapy that we may not know about? Like why is it important, besides the obvious relaxation benefits?

Massage therapy rids toxins out your body, lifts mood and is good for overall health. Massage therapy sessions can also be paid by many insurance plans or FSA/HSA plans.

 How does massage therapy help release toxins from our bodies? 
The friction during a massages actually causes chemicals to be released within the body, which brings toxins out the muscles. Many people experience their mood change dramatically after a massage as well.                         


Besides the massage itself, what other keys elements at Body Bar really create feelings of relaxation for your clients?

Every client experiences the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy when they walk in our doors.

What makes Body Bar stand out from other spas?

Body Bar truly stands out because of our interaction with the community. We sponsor many local events and set up free spa lounges where people get free massages. Who’s giving out free services these days? Body Bar is because we believe in spreading the massage love and sharing the true benefits [of getting the service].

Can people get more info regarding these community events and free spa lounges, like dates and times, on your website?

Yes, all upcoming events will be listed on my website and social media handle @body_bar_nj. Currently, social media is king. All my sales, events and new services are listed there first.

If you had the opportunity to rub down one celebrity client, who would it be and why?

Oh my goodness, that’s a hard one. I think Oprah would be my celebrity of choice because she is a strong, hardworking woman and for sure would appreciate a good massage and day of relaxation.

And she’d bring in those coins! [Laughs.] I see that you also sell some products. Tell us a little more about that.

Yes I do. My most popular is my organic pineapple green ice tea. It was created for a client that deals with issues of inflammation, but people just loved it overall and it took on a life of its own.

I also have my organic charcoal toothpaste that helps whiten the teeth naturally, which I offer once a client has a teeth whitening session with us as a daily regimen item. We also will be adding at home v-steam packages for those who want to maintain their healthy routine in the privacy of their own homes.

What’s the overall goal of Body Bar?

My overall goal is to educate people about the benefits of self-care, along with offering natural and organic services and products. As well as turning employees into individual business owners.

Turning employees into individual business owners? How so?

My goal is to educate and provide continued education to my employees so they can learn how to create their own money on their own time. I want my employees to be their own bosses and experience the world of entrepreneurship. Once they have created their own niche, they will turn from employees to independent contractors.

Nice! Speaking of independence and future success, where do you see your business in 5 years? 10?

I see Body Bar having multiple locations in multiple cities and states.

I know first hand that running a business is hard. On top of you running Body Bar, you’re also a wife and a mom. How do you balance out all of your roles and still have the motivation to keep your business going?

Honestly, I’m still learning as I go. One thing I’ve found that works best for me is setting my days off and keeping to them. It’s very important for me as a form of self-care and a time to dedicate to my family.

Any words of encouragement for young people looking to venture into entrepreneurship?

Take your time; pray and be consistent once you start.

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