4 Classic News Interviews Gone Hilariously Wrong

When it comes to the news, you never know what to expect. Especially when everyday citizens get the spotlight in an interview… or when a hot, TIDE and aggravated news reporter is fed up with the Southern heat and country bugs. (Shrugs.)

Well, that’s why I’ve composed this list of historical news clips that made us all wide-eyed or fall out from knee-slapping hilarity (or both).

Y’all got y’all popcorn ready, or … ?

Isiah Carey Goes Ghetto (WTF WAS THAT?)

Aight so, BOOM!

The year is ’96 and acclaimed news anchor Isiah Carey is reporting for Arkansas’ KARK-4 when–HOL’ UP! A mothaf*ckin’ GRASSHOPPER had the AUDACITY to fly in his mothaf*ckin’ mouth!

ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! As you can see.

The video went viral around 2008 and became an INSTANT classic!

Mr. Carey has since joined in on the fun, participating in parodies on shows like Comedy Central’s Tosh.O in 2011. (He even posts memes mocking the incident on his Instagram page from time to time. #GANGSTA)

With all that said, I guess we all got a front row view of what happens when a Black man is hot and tiyad of sh*t flying in his goddamn mouth.

AKA: The HOOD comes out!

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Aye, listen: I would write up a whole blurb on the backstory of what happened the day Sweet Brown Kimberly Wilkins dropped once of history’s most HEE-LA-RI-OUS news interviews, but:


What I will say is that this classic clip landed Ms. Wilkins opportunities like a cameo in Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas and a spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2014.

The fire survivor even went on to do local commercials and started her own BBQ sauce line. (They don’t call her “Sweet Brown” for nothing. Wink, wink.)

Well, the sauce line didn’t last long, and neither did the TV appearance and commercials. I heard she’s doing good though. At least that’s what my manz on the Gram had told me.

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife!

This classic interview starring Antoine Dodson spawned numerous parodies, remixes and iTunes songs. Since his 2010 debut, the Huntsville, Alabama native has featured on a slew of TV shows, performed his hit “Bed Intruder Song” at the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards and, like Sweet Brown, snagged a role in Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas.

I would add some commentary on his personal life, BUT…

You know what, I’ma just keep that to myself.

Jamaican Flood Interview

In 2013, Bridgette “Tutty Gran Rosie” Bailey went viral after news reporters captured the feisty Kingston, Jamaican native’s passionate response to a flood sweeping through her neighborhood and mashing up her yaad.

Though her anger is legit considering the circumstances, I always thought that Jamaicans were a little off… this interview only adds to my concerns.


Must be something in the water.

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