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Fifteen-year-old Shanté Saunders is a beautiful girl who suffers greatly from low self-esteem. She hates her hair, she despises her dark skin, and the absence of her father and negligence of her mother makes her feel even more worthless. Shanté needs to feel like she is beautiful; like she is valuable. She’s searching for acceptance.

After moving back to her hometown of Newark, New Jersey, Shanté enters her sophomore year of high school and immediately becomes intrigued by a group of girls who seem to live a pain-free, glamorous life. So Shanté makes befriending them her number one objective.

But what she doesn’t realize is that they’re damaged little girls just as lost as she is. The only difference: they live a toxic lifestyle too advanced for an unworldly Shanté.

Despite warnings from her childhood friends, Jasmine and Aziza, Shanté is set on penetrating their circle. And once she does, she gradually begins to lose herself. After an unexpected tragedy shatters her sanity, Shanté slips even deeper into a pool of destruction until she experiences a betrayal that forces her to realize that her quest for validation had all been in vain.

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